Information about data processing

BFI Wien uses the onlyfy one service (by XING) to process job applications. This Privacy Policy will inform you about the processing of your data.

onlyfy one

onlyfy one is part of the extensive XING service operated by New Work SE, which pursues the aim of improving and simplifying users’ working lives with a variety of applications (onlyfy one, as well as the XING social network, kununu, etc.), and creates a more fulfilling working world of work for individuals while boosting the performance of companies. As part of the extensive XING service, onlyfy one is an online platform on which or through which talent and companies meet. On or respectively via onlyfy one, companies can, for example, publish job ads, identify interesting talented individuals (where applicable including from the XING professional network), receive and manage applications, and enter into dialogue with talented individuals and applicants. New Work SE supports this coming together of talented individuals and companies on and via onlyfy one. This takes place through, for example, talented individuals being recommended and displayed in the business customer’s company account, as well as through the generation and provision of recruitment-relevant information and analysis based on data that New Work SE processes in onlyfy one and, where applicable, in other XING applications or outside them.

Shared responsibility

With regard to interaction within the company account of BFI Wien, BFI Wien and New Work SE have shared responsibility pursuant to Article 26 GDPR, as they jointly determine the purposes and means of processing pursuant to Article 4 (7) GDPR. The current version of the agreement on shared responsibility pursuant to Article 26 GDPR, which New Work SE concludes with companies that use onlyfy one, can be viewed here to gain information on the key aspects of the agreement.

Data processing by New Work SE

With regard to data processing for which New Work SE is solely responsible or is responsible within the scope of the shared responsibility with BFI Wien, detailed information is available in the Privacy Policy of onlyfy one (by XING) at You will also find contact details for New Work SE, as well as for the New Work SE data protection officer there.

Pausing your online application

You can pause the creation of your online application at any time and continue at a later point. Cookies are used for this purpose. The data you provide to create the user account, as well as any uploaded documents, are recorded in the company account of BFI Wien in onlyfy one. The data remains recorded even if an application is paused and/or not completed. In this case, your application is flagged as incomplete and the data remains visible to BFI Wien only.

Visibility of your data

The data you have provided as part of the online application can be read, edited, or updated in your candidate profile at any time.

Notes on the special functions of onlyfy one

Calendar function

If the calendar function is used, your data is processed during and for the purpose of setting appointments within the application process. The legal basis is Article 6 (1)(f) GDPR. The calendar function is provided by an IT service provider (Cronofy Ltd., United Kingdom). The United Kingdom is classified as a secure third country based on the adequacy decision of the European Commission. Further information on data protection at Cronofy is available here: and

WhatsApp application

If you use the apply using the WhatsApp function, your consent, which can be withdrawn at any time, forms the legal basis for communication (Article 6 (1)(a) GDPR). When applying via WhatsApp, all required applicant information is requested during a WhatsApp chat. The data is then sent directly to onlyfy one through a service provider, and is processed further there as part of and for the purpose of the normal application process.

The apply via WhatsApp function is provided by an IT service provider (PitchYou) that can gain access to your data for this purpose. More information is available here:

Please note that you use your personal WhatsApp account for applications, and therefore we cannot rule out that messages will be transferred, to the USA in particular. The USA is currently considered an insecure third country, which means that it may not be able to guarantee EU data protection standards. Sending the application may involve certain data protection risks (e.g. unauthorised access to your data by US security agencies). However, the sent and received messages are encrypted end-to-end.

WhatsApp data protection information, such as its processing or exercising of data protection rights with regard to WhatsApp is available here:

If you want to withdraw consent, please contact

Data privacy policy

We shall explain which information is collected during your application procedure and how it is used below. Prescreen International GmbH, Mariahilfer Straße 17, 1060 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter referred to as Prescreen) operates the e-recruiting system Prescreen on the website, where companies can advertise job vacancies, receive and manage applications.
The company that you wish to contact with regard to your application shall be responsible in terms of data protection, for the use of Prescreen. However, should you have any questions for Prescreen, you may contact by e-mail.

  1. What is personal data?

    Personal data is considered to be all information that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn with regards to your personal or factual circumstances or from which it is possible to identify you.

  2. What data is recorded?

    The following data is collected and processed for automated processing of your application:
    • First name, last name, town, e-mail, date of birth, gender, tel. no.
    • Additional questions depending on the respective job offer (e.g. driving licence)
    • Professional experience and training
    • Skills (e.g. Photoshop, MS Office)
    • Qualifications, awards and language abilities
    • Application photo
    • Cover letter

    In addition, the communication between you and the company to which you are sending your application shall be stored.

  3. Use of data

    Your data shall only be used to process your application. Only those persons involved in handling your application shall be allowed access to your data. All employees entrusted with processing the data shall be obligated to keep your data confidential.

  4. What are cookies?

    Prescreen uses cookies in various places. These are used make our website content more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you leave our website. Permanent cookies (e.g. to enable you to return to the application procedure at a later stage) remain on your computer's hard drive until such a time when they are deleted by your browser. You can prevent the installation of cookies on your computer by adjusting your browser software accordingly. However please note that, in this case, not all functions of Prescreen may be available to you in their full capacity.

    Below is a list of the cookies used.
    _gaPersistent cookieAnalysisThis cookie is used to record the usage behaviour of applicants.The cookie loses its validity after 24
    _gatPersistent cookieAnalysisThis cookie is used to record the usage behaviour of applicants.The cookie loses its validity after 24
    PHPSESSIDSession cookieFunctionalityThis cookie is used to identify the user during his/her use of Prescreen. The cookie is mandatory for correct functionality.The cookie loses its validity upon closing the
    REMEMBERMEPersistent cookieFunctionalityThis cookie is used to re-establish a session that has timed out.The cookie loses its validity after 2
  5. Is data forwarded to or collected by third parties?

    Data collected within the context of the application is not published or forwarded without authorisation, in particular therefore without your consent, to third parties. This shall, of course, not apply to the exchange of data between you and the company for whom the application is intended. This shall also not apply for cases where there is a legal obligation to disclose data.

  6. Your rights with regards to stored data

    You have the right, at any time and free-of-charge, to request information on the data stored by us; you also have the right to have this personal data corrected, deleted or blocked at any time. Where retention periods under commercial or tax law or other reasons do not allow deletion of the data, your data shall be blocked instead of deleted.

  7. Withdrawal option

    You may withdraw any consent you may have given as required by data protection law effective in the future at any time and at no cost.